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AFL Footy Tickets

AFL Footy Tickets are a fan favourite with men and women all throughout Australia. Australian Football or Australian Rules Football is often referred to as footy. It’s a well loved and well used abbreviation. So when you buy AFL Footy Tickets, here is what you will be enjoying. Aussie Rules Footy is one of the most popular family sports in Australia. Don’t be surprised to see lots of fathers and sons at the game. It has the largest television viewership and spectator attendance in all of Aussie sports. And the AFL is the sport's only fully professional competition and Australia's wealthiest sporting body.


AFL Footy Tickets provide a closeup of this great Aussie Sport

Footy is a contact sport played on an oval-shaped field, (often time a modified cricket ground) between two teams of eighteen players each. Here is what every footy ticket holder needs to know. To score points a player must kick the oval-shaped ball between two tall goal posts. Whoever has the highest score at the end wins unless there is a draw. Players can use any part of their bodies and position themselves anywhere on the field. The main ways are are handballing, kicking, and running. Every game has numerous physical contests, spectacular marking, fast movement of both the ball and players and high scoring. With your AFL footy ticket you can see it all.

Buying AFL Footy Tickets has a long history

The sport can be traced all the way back to Melbourne football matches played in 1858. The game was inspired by English public school football matches. The Melbourne Football Club developed the first rules in 1859, which gave the new sport professional status. This early date establishes footy as the oldest of the world's major football codes. AFL Footy Tickets have been around a long time and is certainly right now one of the most cherished sports in all of Australia.

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